Take your playing to an unsuspected level!
Try a new drum system that will help you
to set an optimal practice plan and will introduce
you to important principles!

A system
Combination of hand
and feet exercises

  • Grip, Warm-up, Up stroke
  • Laws of dynamics
  • Single,strokes, Double strokes, Combinations, Flams
  • How to create workouts
  • How to avoid pain
  • How to have fun while exercising hands
  • How to plan your exercises and set them up correctly
  • How to set and move the tempo
  • And many more…

B system
Coordination, groups
and movements around
the drum kit

  • Language on the drum kit
  • How to tell a story (solos)
  • Coordination and how to create it
  • How to use movements around the kit and how to practice them
  • How to set up the system
  • How to improve your combinations
  • How to make your own language
  • Groups of 3,4,5,6,7,8 and Mathematics
  • And many more…

C system
Orientation in time,
feeling, groove and flow

  • Time and how to practice it
  • How to reach mental awareness and confidence
  • What is feel and how to work with it
  • How to generate flow
  • How to settle the groove, ghost notes
  • How to work with your Self
  • Enriching exercises on the kit
  • Bands and the world around
  • Fighting the nervousness
  • And many more…

D system
Postproduction, management
marketing, compsotions

  • Marketing, Social media, Target groups
  • How to manage time (time management)
  • Music creation
  • Postproduction
  • Drummer – composer
  • Who are you as a drummer and a musician
  • Endorsement
  • How to set the sound in the studio or gigs
  • Personality vs conformity
  • Work in the studio
  • And many more…

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Recommended age 12+

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Into the Dali’s system:

  • Tracker – Create your own history of your practicing and earn rewards from our partners for regular practicing!
  • Tutorial Videos – Systematic videos that effectively guide you through the practice plan (1 video = 10 credits+)
  • Music Loops – Dali´s personal database of music loops to practice to! (1 loop = 1 credit)
  • System for archiving practice plans
  • With Dali in touch – You can consult Dali directly in the system – send him a video or a question!
  • Live streaming from the rehearsal room – Experience the practice system live directly from its author and get more awesome tips for even more effective
  • Trade the hours of your practice for exclusive prizes!

Available in Polish, English, German and more
at the end of 2020



Complete guide on what, how and why to practice on the drum kit and how to work further with gained
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