Czech Virtual drum festival – DVD

Czech Virtual drum festival – DVD


The QQ Club in cooperation with the QQ studio Ostrava and Drumcenter Opava brings a DVD on which you can see 3 drummers, each of which will represent a genre.

Thomas Lang on DVD:
“Great job, congratulations to a wonderful product.
It really shows how hard you worked and how much dedication and passion went into your drumming. Great work! ”

History: The idea was born in the winter of 2009. Preparations for screenplays, storyboards and production began. The first one to know was the QQ television studio and introduced him to the idea. QQ gave us the equipment and the QQ club members decided to help us. Then the Janáček Conservatory and the Grammar School in Ostrava were approached, who thanks to the understanding of the director Soňa Javůrková sponsored the project by providing a beautiful, large, wooden hall with the possibility of stage equipment. Dalibor Mráz then arranged with Drum-centrum Opava to provide full service in terms of drums, hardware, etc. In April 2010, the shooting was finally set in motion and solos were recorded at the conservatory with a few samples of rudiments. The story of the individual philosophy of all 3 drummers was shot in Beskydy pod Radhoštěm. Simon and his lessons were shot in northern Moravia. On this occasion, UFIP, a cymbal company, came in contact with us and we agreed that we could film lessons on their products. As the last exibition was filming at the petrol station OMF in Ostrava, during which we rented a company car Chevrolet CRUZE, and thus created a short shot “Car song”. The production of the whole “festival” took about half a year and was made over 30 hours of rough footage.

About DVD: On DVD you can watch a show of three drum genres performed by three young drummers, students of Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava. Each of the three drummers explains his concept of style (electronic music, jazz-funk and solo playing), which he plays in a clear and playful way on DvD.DVD contains a booklet with transcription of individual exercises.
The DVD is recorded with a wide range of extras such as a car song, two-piece duo or street beats. The DVD is intended as an insight into the training programs of other drummers.
The creators of this DVD have attended international seminars of the best drummers in the world (Thomas Lang, Benny Greb, Stephan Emig, Oli Rubow) and by creating this DVD they try to thank them and share their experience with other drummers.

Attractions :
-The project was devised and implemented by people aged 17-19. By this time we have the full support of professionals from various fields.
-It was filmed at 5 different locations, including the key studios.
– Up to 20 people were on film at the conservatory.
-The project is supported by drummer Stephan Emig from Germany
– Over 30 hours of recording.
-The set from Dali Frost was sounded 7 everhady + kick